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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs Provide A Clearly Visible Message

“Illuminate Your Message!”

Illuminated Sign Digital Graphics are our business. Superior Signs and Designs, A Superior Company”, has been in the sign business for decades and those years of experience in message development and promotion have served our clients (and us) well.

“The Medium is The Message!”

Depending upon the location of your sign, its intended audience and the nature of your message, selecting the proper technology and format for your illuminated sign is essential to its success. Whether you want to maintain instant control of the content within an easy-to-change sign or display additional information such as time and temperature, we’ll help you develop a sign installation that works best for you.

Our experience enables us to point out the benefits and concerns related to each sign technology. We want your sign to serve your well for many years and we’ll provide you with recommendations that will provide you with your needs.

“Our Crane & Bucket Truck Helps to Elevate Your Message!”

Our fleet of Crane & Bucket high reach trucks are designed to provide easy access to concealed and vertically challenging installations. Our experienced team employs this fascinating vehicle to maintain and/or repair signs of all sizes and in all sorts of somewhat exciting locations. Maintenance on a regular schedule will help to extend your signs life and effectiveness and will help to minimize eventual repair expenses.

“Our In House Design Build, Fabricate, Install, Maintain, Repair” 

Our team of sign professionals provides one-stop turnkey sign services including concepts, design, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance. Whether your project will best be served by traditional illuminated signage or LED, or NEON signs, our team will help you with recommendations, hints and knowledge that will ensure your sign will meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

“Today’s Technology & Techniques Shine!”

Using state-of-the-art graphic design technology and our uniquely creative process along with today’s best fabrication equipment and “best practice” manufacturing standards, we’ll design, build, install and maintain your sign to ensure it will provide you with years of service as it promotes your message.

Our team of sign professionals will develop a maintenance program to keep your sign installation fresh, clearly visible and in good working order, extending its effective lifetime. Contact us to discuss a maintenance that will help extend the effective lifetime of your signage installations.

“We’re Ready to Fulfill Your Illuminated Sign Requirements!”

Our team of sign professionals is always on-call and ready to respond to any sign emergency and we guarantee a prompt response to your needs within 48 hours.

Learn how we can help you introduce and promote your message with Illumination.

Quality and Service Since 1959 60 years