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Sign Design, Construction, Installation & Maintenance

Successful Signs by Design 

Any successful project must start with a plan. In the sign industry that means a solid, original design. Our talented and experienced design team has been at it for years and understands the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent markets and how to design appealing graphics and messages that will successfully target your intended audience. 

Efficient & Affordable Sign Construction 

Whether your project requires a technologically-challenging Pole-Mounted, Outdoor Illuminated Sign or a simple Directory sign in your building lobby, our fabrication department has years of experience and the training and skills required to build a high quality sign that will provide many successful years of use and minimal maintenance. 

Sign Installation 

Ok so now you have an exciting new design that has been fabricated and is ready to go to your site. Our team of experienced sign technicians is ready to install your new sign safely, securely and efficiently. Using our crane and bucket truck we can reach extreme heights and depths during the installation process. Whether your sign is mounted on your building, a pylon pole, or at ground level, we’ll ensure your installation meets all local codes and is installed in compliance with industry standards for safety, zoning and reliability.

Maintaining Your Message 

Speaking of Maintenance, we know that proactive maintenance of all signs and signage can help to extend their effective lifespan and overall display quality. We’ve all seen signs with burnt-out lighting elements or a dirty surface and thought to ourselves, “If that’s how they feel about their first impression, what kind of work do they do?”. In many cases, your sign will be the first impression of your business and you only have one opportunity to create a positive “first impression”. 

Maintenance Programs for Every Business

Whether you own a small retail business, a mid-sized manufacturing company or a multi-national corporation, we’ll develop a Superior Maintenance Program that will serve your needs. We’ll set up regularly scheduled visits to check on the condition of your signs, clean them, perform the necessary maintenance and/or repairs and provide you with a follow-up report.

Our Superior Service Team is well-equipped with the best tools and equipment available. And, because we understand how important your signage is to your business, we offer 48 hour turnaround Maintenance Services. Our new state-of-the-art crane and bucket truck provides us with greatly extended capacity for installing and maintaining exterior signs in very high places. 

Our Superior Maintenance Team can provide its services as needed or we would be happy to develop a more pro-active Maintenance Program to ensure your signs always represent your business in a positive way.

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